Slower than a speeding raindrop

I can check one more potential superpower off my list. I discovered this morning that, apparently, I am not faster than a speeding raindrop.

The skies were dark and threatening when I left for my run, but I was determined to get it in before the rain clouds deployed their weapons of wet destruction. I had taken the last two days off to allow my strained calf (the body part, not the farm animal) to heal, and I didn't want to go three straight days without running. Given my love/hate relationship with the activity, I knew that a third day off would make it a heck of a lot easier to skip my run tomorrow.

I put on my trusty, sweat stained UMaine Hockey cap and a hooded sweatshirt as my defense against the dark clouds, and then hit the road. While I was out there, trying not to notice that the rain clouds seemed to be following me, I was reminded of something my dad used to say. Whenever he'd see people scurrying to get out of the rain, he laugh and say, "Look at those sugar cubes, so worried that they're going to melt".

Despite my best efforts, I could not outrun the rain. It held off until just after I made the turn at the halfway point. I'd passed two other runners along the route, so that gave me some confidence that the storm wasn't going to be that bad.

It did start to come down pretty hard, and that only made me pick up the pace. I wasn't worried that I was going to melt (don't worry, dad, I know I'm not made of sugar!), but my Evil Stepmother's frightening voice did fill my head... "Only an idiot doesn't know enough to get out of the rain!".

Clearly, I'd always pick my dad's advice over Evil Stepmom's, but her voice is more annoying, so I willed my legs to go faster just to make it stop.

Truth be told, it is quite refreshing to run in the rain. Plus, I get this extra feeling of accomplishment... something along the lines of conquering the elements mixed with a personal pride at not using the weather as an excuse to slack.

As I sat on the front porch of The House On The Hill, drying off and watching the rain, I realized that the real superheroes are the people who get out there every day and exercise despite the weather, the aches and pains, or the temptation of staying in bed under the warm covers. They may not wear capes and masks, but most of them do have on spandex.

So the next time you see a runner, give that person a wave and a knowing smile. Exercising instead of succumbing to the temptation of slackerdom and inactivity is a superpower that deserves recognition.

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