Top 10 reasons to start running

  1. Running sets you free - When you are tired and stressed after a bad day at work or at home, dealing with the demands and strains of everyday life, there is nothing like setting off on a run to give you a feeling of freedom. For however long you are out, it is all about you and no one else.

  2. Running is fun - Running in a group is more likely to keep you going further, faster and for longer there is nothing like a good natter to help the miles pass by!

  3. Running let you see places from a different perspective - Running gives you the opportunity to explore your surroundings, both on and off-road.

  4. No fancy kit or equipment is required - A good pair of running shoes is all you need to get started once you have been bitten by the running bug, set yourself some short-term goals and reward yourself with a new piece of gear each time you achieve them.

  5. Running is good for your health - Runners have stronger bones, lungs and reduced risk of heart disease. Running also boosts your immunity and your energy levels.

  6. Running is a top calorie-burning exercise - Every mile you run burns roughly 100 calories and even after a 30-minute run your metabolism remains elevated for up to two hours.

  7. Fresh air and exercise have the ultimate feel-good factor - A 20-minute light jog will lighten your mood and give you a mental and physical pick-me-up. Regular running will give your self-esteem and confidence a well-deserved boost.

  8. You do not have to be a fast runner - A popular misconception is that to run "properly" you have to have a pounding heart, lungs fit to burst and a face the colour of beetroot! Running does not automatically mean being constantly out of breath slow and steady is the key to progress. A good indicator of a moderate pace is whether you can talk while running. As you build up strength your "talking pace" will quicken accordingly.

  9. Running can help you look younger for longer - Running prevents the muscle and bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis. Plus, your skin will glow with an inner and outer radiance.

  10. Running puts you in tune with your body - Every stride brings into focus exactly how well, strong, and fit you are feeling, from your head all the way down to your toes.

 Running Top 10 - From the top ten reasons to run to the top ten reasons *not* to run, this section includes both serious and humorous running lists for all walks of life.

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