Runner hit by flying kangaroo

KANGAROO FLAT, AUSTRALIA The jogger taken out by an airborne kangaroo thinks the incident might have been a bit of karma for his choice of dinner on Tuesday night. Sam Walter said he ate kangaroo the evening before the event, a strange coincidence in an already bizarre episode.

The 28-year-old was on one of his regular runs before work on Wednesday morning when he saw a car approaching on the opposite side of the road. He said it turned its high-beam lights on just moments before the kangaroo bounced into its path.

The kangaroo was flung from the car and into Mr. Walter, flying towards him "like a football".

"It was actually airborne and it took me out", he said.

Mr. Walter said the marsupial was bigger than him, at 69 kilograms, and knocked him down "pretty hard".

While he was only assessed by paramedics at the scene, Mr. Walter later visited hospital to borrow some crutches for the leg injury he sustained, something he believed was muscular.

Mr. Walter said the incident had not put him off running, although he would perhaps be a little more careful when cars approached.

"It's pretty bizarre", he said.

The kangaroo had to be euthanised.

Credits - This true article, "Jogger hit by kangaroo in Kangaroo Flat", was published on Bendigo Advertiser.

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