New record for knitting while running a marathon

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Running a marathon would be strenuous enough for most people, but one man has taken the task to a whole other level entirely. David Babcock finished a marathon in under six hours while at the same time, knitting a 3.6 metre long scarf.

The 41-year-old graphic design professor from the University of Missouri completed the "Kansas City Marathon" in five hours, 48 minutes and 27 seconds. But knitting while running is apparently not a new phenomenon.

In fact, Babcock eclipsed a previous record held for scarf knitting while running a marathon, held by British woman Susie Hewer. Hewer knitted a two metre long scarf at this year's "Flora London Marathon" in April as a way of raising money for Alzheimer's Research UK. In tribute to her efforts, Babcock, is also encouraging people to donate to a US-based Alzheimer's Association.

So how did the idea to synchronise knitting and running come about?

Well according to Babcock he took up the two tasks separately almost three years ago and to save time decided to combine the two.

"It takes a lot of time to do distance running and it takes time to knit," the new Guinness World Record holder wrote on his blog. "By putting the two activities together the time passes easier for both activities."

At first he decided to crochet toys while running, but the smaller scale and ever-changing stitch count proved lightly impractical - naturally!

Credits - This true article, "US man breaks Guinness World record for knitting whilst running a marathon" by Efrosini Costa, was published on the MindFood website.

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