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 How far do I need to run to burn off my psychoses? - When I started out at the gym, I was out of shape, overweight, and had the lung capacity of a chipmunk. However, I was completely sane and had never had a single thought about exercise machines trying to control my mind.
 18 things to replace toilet paper while out running - Runners throughout time have faced this emergency - the mid-run, sudden and unexpected need for a toilet. Not a wee stop. The other kind. And one of your concerns is what to substitute in for the lack of toilet paper.
  Running into polar bears - Are bear attacks a given when you run in bear country? Do polar bears stalk humans? Is there anything I can do to avoid an attack? There is much you can do, and if you follow these simple rules, you can reduce the risk of attack to virtually zero.
 Tips for running on a budget - Running on a budget can be a difficult task. Compared to other activities, running is a relatively low-cost sport. Here are a few tips to be sure you can maintain your love for running without breaking the bank.
 Marathoners crawl under moving train to qualify for Boston - "Via Marathon" participants were literally stopped in their tracks by a slow-moving train around the course's seventh mile, a delay that hurt their chances of qualifying for Boston. Some decided not to wait for the train to pass and tried to crawl under the slow-moving cars to continue in the marathon.

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