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 Running in cemeteries - Our running routes can take us to wondrous places; varied vistas where we can gaze upon a stunning sunset or a dazzling dawn; where we can run through lush foliage or run by bucolic brooks. Or... through a local graveyard. Runners must be unobtrusive as they make their way through a cemetery. Here are some tips.
 How anyone can train for a walking marathon - A marathon sounds intimidating, but that only makes the possibility of completing one all the more attractive, and impressive. You do not have to be an athlete to train for, and complete, a marathon. You can even be overweight, out-of-shape, and an all-around couch potato. All you need is determination and the will to stick to your training program.
 Top 10 songs to keep you running - Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to run or keep plowing through a run, however, the right playlist can keep you going and keep you focused during your run. If you are looking for a fun playlist that will surely keep your legs in gear while running, look no further! These upbeat songs will keep your feet and heart pounding.
 How to control your food intake - "I don't keep cookies in the house; I end up eating them all." "I'm afraid if I start eating, I won't be able to stop..." If any of those thoughts sound familiar, you are among a large group of athletes who struggle with food. They think about food all day, stay away from social events involving food, give themselves permission to eat only if they have exercised hard, and white-knuckle themselves to one meager portion at dinner.
 Runner finishes marathon with found puppy - She may not have won the race, but 43-year-old Khemjira Klongsanun won the hearts of everyone after photos of her finishing a marathon with a puppy in her arms - one rescued from the side of the road mid-race - went viral on social media.

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